Golang One Month Later (Part 2)


The program that we use to turn coffee into code

I have been using Sublime Text for some time now, I also like vim (I used it as the primary editor for a long time), I use both, but 90% of the time I am using Sublime.

The compiler may even refuse to compile your beloved code because of an unused variable, but it won’t bother you using notepad, you can use any editor at will.

The plugin I recommend is GoSublime, highly configurable, and full of sweet combinations; for example, I set it up when saving my code, already formatting, removing unused imports and running linter. Some people use Atom, which also has excellent support, but I was not used to it.

Batteries included

Much more than batteries say a nuclear power plant.

A joy to see such a rich standard library, has a package for everything, encryption, compression, Encode / Decode, HTML, Hash, TCP, HTTP, RPC, IO, Buffers, and a lot more.

It has so much package ready and quality, which is practically an insult when proposing something that already exists (in innocence, I did it, instead of researching I proposed something that already existed, the people got angry).