From Frustation to Code

Our civilization is ignited on technology, nowadays, and until the next worldwide catastrophe, we lay down our comfort on the bed of technology. Let’s talk about the endless needing of professionals to work with technology for the next years to come.

The number of systems developed and data fed into databases is exponential, and each day, those numbers seem to be more and more unmeasurable.

That said, there is a situation which is worrying me a bunch recently, is the lack of developers, scientists, and engineers available to work with that enormous data; it’s a necessity where exists uncountable opportunities, though there are no sufficient professionals available.

I bet that we can find lots of bright people who are unemployed and facing tough moments just because of the reduction of opportunity to them, many businesses are becoming more unavailable due to the spread of technology.

Look, I’m not saying that technology is for everyone, some people don’t like, or I.T. doesn’t fit them. What I’m presenting here is: we need to call those curious minds to start to learn some computer science skills and begin to code and restart their will to build and learn.

The science and technology market has open arms for those who are eager to learn and continue to grow together with science and technology, don’t matter the age, gender, religion, or skin color.

The world needs to transform those with the frustration of the idle state into coders and help us to produce more technology and consume the enormous data generated for the next years. Let’s throw out the sadness of a finished career to start a new job in computer science. We are never too old to learn.