48 Hours - From Zero To Hero

Last weekend on the 22nd, 23rd, and 24th, I attended the Startup Weekend Education; here in Florianópolis, it was one of the most exceptional experiences I have ever had in my entrepreneurial career (which also has very new).

Our first meeting was on Friday on the 22nd, and I knew no one and nothing of what it would be or how it should proceed, you know that weird feeling of lost in the crowd? That’s how I felt. By the end of the first day of the event, we had the idea of what we’re going to work on, and we also had a team ready.

Project chosen team formed, Saturday morning a still quiet breakfast. Then the rush began, which the folks at the organization called “From Zero”, a continuous brainstorming sessions about the problem, many ideas, much disagreement until it came to a consensus.

During the afternoon, it’s time to validate the idea, summarizing was like: validates, and confirms. As an entrepreneur, probably that is the part that I’ve always missed, I think. It’s the part of going out on the street, asking the client or future client, if we’re right, or close, or not, it’s time to face the facts, are you ready or not, do you have a product or just an illusion?

Should we redo the brainstorm from scratch (and the clock doesn’t stop at this time at 3:00 pm on Saturday)? We came back for a brainstorm again, at least it wasn’t totally from scratch.

After searching the material on the street and social networks, we considered the solution validated. Then it’s time to code until late at home.

Sunday came, the last day, the funny thing was that breakfast was super fun, it wasn’t that “quiet” as the Saturday mood. After breakfast, it’s time to run after customers and sell the product.

It may sound crazy, but 48 hours is a short time, it’s obvious, but when you see the product walking in and entering the first users, even if the product is in the “free” period, it’s a cool thing.

The product was moving; people already active inside the product asking questions and curious (remembering that it was Sunday). Well, finally, at 16:00 hours, we finished our 3-minute pitch and presented at 17:00 on the clock.

Did we win? Well, we gained a lot of experience and learning that can’t be explained. We did not climb the podium, but the product was moving and gained some traction, not enough for selling for sure, but to make us proud, that’s for sure.